SketchUp, I love you

Part of the excitement for moving, for me, is the extreme home makeover. Getting the chance to undo all your hard work of organization and design in one home and start somewhere new is my favorite! I took a night class last year about designing your own tiny home. Remember my hippie art commune, Megtopia from the previous post? Well my plan wasn’t great, but learning SketchUp was pretty interesting.

It costs a fortune and honestly I probably wouldnt use it a ton. Certainly not enough to justify the nearly $700US that it costs for the licence. But it does have a one month free trial and thats long enough for me to fully nerd out on reconstructing my dream apartment. You can lay out the design in feet and inches and get pretty exact with your proportions. You can also look up specific items and furniture and drag and drop into your  design. It automatically recreates them to the scaled proportions you’ve set, so you get a clear representation of how everyhting will fit together.

ad layout
This is the original floorplan image included in the Kijiji Ad for the apartment.
Floor Plan Arial Rendering
Arial Floorpan done of the new space based off of the drawing in the ad. Done in SketchUp.

While we wait the three long weeks leading up to getting the keys to start painting, SketchUp has been the perfect program to indulge my ideas and keep me busy. You know, like along with packing, and going to the dump, and packing, Value Village, sleeping…





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