Internet got the sweet deets!

Stephen found a listing on Kijiji for a 1500 square foot apartment specifically looking for artists and musicians. It is $1200 per month INCLUDING ALL UTILITIES. WHAT?! This can not be real. I called the listing number immediately. It is real. It is still available. Would we like to take a look tonight at 6PM? Yes, we will. Ewan, my brother was flying in from Vancouver, and I was supposed to be landing at that time. Sorry, Ewan. You’ll be waiting a little longer.

We arrived a few minutes early to the apartment and took the time to check out the block. It was the tail end of rush hour on the top of Centre Street from downtown. It’s the unofficial end of China Town, and it was bustling. There is a bus stop directly outside the front door. There is a giant Marijuana leaf painted on the sandwich board two feet away from that same entrance. Directly to our left on the ground floor is a restaurant supply store. Beside that, Centre Street Pizza. The corner of the suite on the second floor is a giant, bright orange banner that wraps the building reading, FREEDOM MOBILE. This building is so weird and we are so into it.

The door opens to a dark, long hallway with a steep set of 20 stairs leading up to a bright sunny room. We get to the top of the stairs and are greeted with a gigantic open space. The room has brand new hardwood that reflects the light of the 9 windows that line three sides of the room. At the far end, there is a kitchen with an industrial hood fan. Ok, ok. We are pretty intrigued. This space is the studio open floor plan Stephen and I had always talked about. There is a ton of space in here for us to have all of our practices going at once. But wait, this is only half of the apartment!

A long shabby corridor hallway separates the open studio from what used to be a series of offices. There are two half walls separating three very distinct areas. Only one small corner of this half of the apartment is in its own room. This will be our bedroom. It has frosted, textured glass in the door as well as a large window across the wall and two above that. These are windows looking INTO the apartment. This place is so weird. But I instantly see potential. It is important for me to have a separation between my living and working spaces. Less so for Stephen. This layout is perfect for both of us.

Yes, the bathroom is a complete disaster. Yes, there are light fixtures missing. Yes, it needs all the paint and patching and TLC. But I see it. There is magic here. That is what this blog is for. Basically, it is to show my mum and bother what I am doing. I am writing it I guess in the structure that strangers may read it and have a sense of what is going on. They may or may not. Whatevs.

The internet has a creepy amount of information. Stephen always tells me I don’t know how to use the internet. My thirst for knowledge is not great enough that I can have the patience to take the ten minutes to dig into what I am thinking of. Stephen relishes in it. He found this old listing of the property from when it looked a little different and was priced much higher. Yay recession! It has cool layouts of the entire city block as well as the apartment. Plus some cool dated shots of the street below.


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